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Welcome to OC Local Fix, an absolute metal framing, wood framing, drywall, carpentry and painting company in Orange County built upon an uncompromised business beliefs and work ethics. We spotlight on residential and commercial construction, and we take delight in our fabulous craftsmanship and skill. Collectively, these fundamentals of business have solidified our renowned reputation amongst the various general contractors for whom we provide services.

The Principals of OC Local Fix is committed to execute quality, safety and timing on each and every assignment that we take on.

We at OC Local Fix and our team, we aim to develop and apply progressive and innovative management information systems and professional procedures to effectively provide our clients on a positive basis. Our team of professionals is able to swiftly address cost and constructability issues.

OC Local Fix maintains a smooth, professional organization and small operating cost to extend cost-effective solutions for our customers. Our team provides a safe, pleasant working atmosphere; our widespread benefits program reflects our pledge to the development, enlargement, and preservation of our customers by providing top reward opportunity for reliable, excellent presentation.

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OC Local Fix is the best preference for single-family, multi-family and commercial construction framing with large bond capability. Our team brings a vast supply of knowledge and experience, going above and beyond to supply a standard of brilliance to each job. We at OC Local Fix take pleasure in every project, taking the further steps to assure the job-sites are spotless and protected which assists other trades in finishing their work in a timely manner leading to a successful conclusion of the project. Reliability is the agenda from which the company was built. We work to offer outstanding services to our customers, and we do that time after time by carrying out projects on time and within resources.

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Give us call on 9494059724 or 18006207039 if you have any framing works or inquiries for your home.

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