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Garage door painting to the best quality always have an astonishing impact as it will cover up the largest portion of your home’s show, your garage door is the first thing noticed by the people whenever they walk up to your home. Remember the color of your entrance door and your garage door has to be the same in order to tie up the whole look of your home together.

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OC Local Fix has all the answer of your questions, if you are looking for changing the look of your garage door by changing its color or if you are in need of a great  painting of your garage door in a cost effective way.

Our skilled paint personnel at first carefully prepare the exterior of the garage door by cleaning off dirt and any old peeling paints. We always use a high build etch primer which helps in getting of scratches or any minor indents from the surface, our technicians also fill up any holes or damages in the door which are required before the spraying stage. We then carefully mask the surrounds of the garage door which are required so as to protect the rest of the area. After that our skilled technicians apply the spray paint using the Graco paint spray system, which helps in ensuring that a uniform coverage has been applied also it helps in controlling any situation of over spraying so that the finishing is of the best quality. All this helps in making your garage door look astonishing at the fraction of cost which was required in replacing the garage door.


Give us call on 9494059724 or 18006207039 if you have any garage door painting work.

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