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As a circuit board installer & repairer we take pride in ourselves on our superior quality of modern services and near to the ground failure rates as compared to many of our competitors.

Our production facility is an ESD Safe Area, with Conductive Flooring, Grounded Work Benches, ESD Safe production equipment, and regular ESD Awareness training for all the team members of OC Local Fix. We are dedicated to providing the best quality products built without the underlying defects caused by Electrostatic Discharge.

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OC Local Fix has got more proficiency, better tools and more scalability than the next repair provider. We provide best quality service in custom PCB repair and system test fixtures, and our Diagnosys Pinpoint Systems are the latest universal in-circuit test equipment available. When tied with proprietary serial PCB testing techniques and surface-mount handling equipment, we can repair even the most advanced microprocessor or digital signal processor circuits. Our highly trained skilled personnel are certified in ESD and IPC repair and rework standards, and more often than not spot stressed components that others miss. After the completion of repair, our technicians test the functionality of your printed circuit board to guarantee performance.


Nobody offers a wider range of cost-saving services for printed circuit boards than OC Local Fix. So give us a Call today at 9494059724 or 18006207039 or click our Request a Quote button and leave the circuit board installation & repair in the hand of our professional team at OC Local Fix.

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