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OC Local Fix was formed with the fundamental belief that Americans deserve a simpler, faster, more reliable service experience with highly efficient workmanship and skill.

I first began in the service industry when a city inspector and former prominent architect saw something in me and took me on as an apprentice. After years of learning everything there is to know about construction, I earned my B license then opened Local Fix in 1980 so that I could make my dream of optimal business functionality and high quality reliable workmanship a reality in the modern american service industry.

We pride ourselves on being one of the highest quality Garage Door, Gate, Fence, Stucco and Paint Companies in Orange Country and the surrounding area. All of our technicians are highly trained and qualified in all areas of the trade, so whether you need a Garage Door installation, a Metal Fence repair, Stucco, or Paint job, no job is too big or too small for us to handle. OC Local Fix provides you with all of the Garage Door, Gate, Fencing, and Paint services you need to keep your home or business safe, running smoothly, and looking great. Our team of licensed and insured professionals has 28 years of experience diagnosing malfunctions, repairing defective mechanisms, and providing repairs and regular maintenance. We serve both domestic and commercial needs so nobody’s left out!

OC Local Fix supplies the best custom garage doors, gates, and fences for the best price. We’ve been serving Orange County since 1980 and take pride in our reputation as one of the top premium manufacturers. Let us know what style of garage doors you’re looking for, and we would be happy to provide any service you need as soon as possible.

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